Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What Every Woman Should Know

The Cartoon Movement is an international site that publishes editorial cartoons and comics selected by their readers. Right now they hve an interesting comic by Susan Cagle called What Every Woman Should Know.  It is about the deceptive practices of "crisis pregnancy centers" that often advertise themselves as medical facilities to help women.  As Cagle explains, "their undisclosed (and deceptive) goal is not to provide women with the medical information they need to make a decision, but rather to dissuade and often delay them to the point where they have fewer choices."  The comic deals with these types of centers found in California, but they can easily be found here in New York also.  The comic is only eighteen pages long, but it is a very informative read on a subject that effects all New Yorkers.

What Every Woman Should Know

And if you need to find affordable or free help, there are many medical options right here in New York.

NYC Free Clinic at NYU
Planned Parenthood has clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx information on free and confidential testing for STDs
Brooklyn Free Clinic
Family Planning Benefit Program a New York state Medicaid Program

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