Friday, October 21, 2011

Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Go to the BBC News site to see the winners of this year's Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year and some of the other beautiful photographs being recognized.  This event was organized by London's Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

This Weekend and Beyond

This weekend's Brooklyn Park Glass clean-up unfortunately had to be cancelled.  We'll be back in the spring though.

In the meantime, check out some of the great things to do in the city this weekend.

Walls and Bridges started on the 19th and is continuing through the 28th.  There will be nearly fifty cultural events; including theater, dance, exhibitions and more; across the city at this Franco American festival.  Many events are free.

This Sunday is the 17th Annual Tour de Bronx.  There will be both a 40-mile and a 25-mile ride starting at 10:30 and 10:40.  Online registrations is closed, but you can still register in person at 9:30 at Grand Concourse and East 161st Street at the Bronx County Courthouse (near Yankees Stadium).

Also check out the Rocktober Showcase, a supporter of vh1 Save the Music Foundation, at Drom in Manhattan.  See performances by The Fire and Reason, Sarah Nisch, Julian Stephen, Redwine, DJ Pisani and DJ Sass.  Doors open at seven.  Advance tickets are $10 and $15 at the door.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Read These Articles

Over at the New York Times, they have two great articles that will definitely interest you.

First is an article on the indoor tree.  With winter coming there can be quite the lack of green in the home and a jonesing for spring's quick return.  Rather than going the usual route of getting a small houseplant, try something bigger like a tree.  There are many great trees that can grow comfortably in the home.  Check out great trees like the Improved Meyer Lemon.  Meyer lemons are sweeter than the common lemons found in grocery stores, have a softer thinner skin and are generally harder to find.  The trees are not that hard to find.  Online stores like Logees sell seedlings online for a decent price, or you can head over to local stores like Gowanus Nursery (they'll be closing for the season at the end of October and opening back up in the spring) to pick up a larger one for next year.

Check out the article for advice on growing indoor trees and recommendations for some of the best trees for the indoor habitat.

The Indoor Tree: A Tall, Green Slip of Summer

There is also a great article about schools in New York doing what they can to keep physical fitness in New York schools.  Many of you are probably already familiar with the audit showing that many New York City schools fail to reach the minimum standards when it comes to physical education.  Physical education is extremely important for kids both physically and mentally.  With budget cuts, lack of space and the push for standardized testing, it is getting harder and harder for many New York City schools to meet the requirements, but some are doing what they can to make it happen.

Fitting In Exercise Between Math and English

CEO for Change

CEO for Change from Krystal Persaud on Vimeo.

CEO for Change is an organization started by Krystal Persaud that is trying to convince some of the biggest producers in the U.S. to make their products more sustainable through altering their materials to be recyclable or biodegradable, monitoring their material and energy use, reclaiming used products from consumers and utilizing industrial design.

Head to the website to find out more about the initiative, especially if you are the owner of a small (or large) business.

CEO for Change

Food Food Food

New America Media has an article about the people using subsidized shares of a local CSA in Astoria.  Rather than poor, low-income families taking advantage of the opportunity to have access to low cost vegetables from local farms, it seems that it is mostly unemployed, college educated and recent college graduates having trouble finding work.

New Recipients for Subsidized Vegetables: College Graduates

Also, listen to the The Leonard Lopate Show today at twelve at 93.9 or listen online at  Legendary French chef Jacques Pépin will be discussing some of his best recipes and his latest cookbook, Essential Pepin: More than 700 All-Time Favorites from My Life in FoodSome of you may have seen Pépin on as a guest judge on Top Chef or may be familiar with his PBS shows The Complete Pépin and Jacques Pépin Fast Food My Way.

Feeding the Frenzy

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Save Yourself: Ride a Bike

View zoom-able version here.
Check out this infographic from Care2 on the advantages of riding a bike over driving a car.  Not only is it good for the environment, but it is great for your health.  And check out Recycle-a-Bicycle, a great local not for profit that helps bring bikes and environmental to kids in New York.  Also check out Up2Us, a great organization that tries to improve the lives of kids all over the nation through sports initiatives.  Because keeping kids active is a great way to improve their lives overall.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival

Today was the start of the CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival.  There will be panels, seminars, nighttime parties, film premieres, special events and more all over the city.  Head out and support indie bands, cutting edge film and local businesses hosting the various events.

Above trailer for Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest directed by Michael Rapaport, screening October 20th at Clearview Chealsea Cinema at 7 o'clock.

Brooklyn Park Glass, Oct. 22--CANCELLED

The last day of the Brooklyn Park Glass clean-up is coming up this Saturday.  We'll be meeting at eleven o'clock at the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument at the top of Fort Greene Park.  We've collected a lot of glass, but there is still a lot to get out of the park.  Come join us this Saturday.  Email if you'd like to volunteer.

October is Farm to School Month

Family Security Through Frugal Living
Representative Rush Holt of New Jersey introduced House Resolution 1655 in 2010 to recognize the importance of Farm to School and its efforts to "connect schools and local farms with the objective of serving healthy meals in school cafeterias, improving student nutrition, providing agriculture, health and nutrition education opportunities and supporting local and regional farms."

Head to the Farm to School Month website to learn more about this initiative and the resources being offered.