Friday, September 2, 2011

Volkswagen Investing in Wind

With Germany already planning to close all its remaining nuclear facilities in 2022, the country has had no other choice but to take a look at more alternative energy resources.  Their solar industry is already flourishing, now the next stop has been wind power.  In the past, investors have been nervous about investing in wind.  Now car company Volkswagen is changing that.

Volkswagen will be investing almost one billion euros (about 1.4 billion American dollars) in alternative energy with a large focus being put on "a wind power project that is expected to have a generating capacity of 200 megawatts, or about as much as 275,000 German households consume in a year."

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  1. Is wind energy a real solution for the problem of global warming?
    I dont think so because the energy compagnie whants always see money instead invest in a good solution like solar panels on the roof of a house.
    Think about it they needs a lot of ground to built it the seeing of that big windturbines is isabominable.
    No give me a solar panel on the rooftop