Thursday, September 15, 2011

New York City Bike Share

The city of New York has now joined several cities all over the world, such as Boston, Paris, D.C. and Mexico City, in instituting a bike share program, starting in summer 2012.  Alta Bike Share will be running the 10,000-bike network.  Riders will only need to go one-way with these short term rentals expected to augment our already existent public transit system.

There will be a $100 a year fee for members of the share.  The first thirty minutes will be free, after that riders will be able to rent bicycles for up to two hours.  Bikes can be rented from any of the 600 planned stations and then returned to any station of your choosing all over the city.

So far stations are only planned for Manhattan, below Seventy-Ninth Street, Brooklyn and Queens.  You can go to the City's Bike Share site to recommend a final location and learn more about the program.  Members of the bike share will be responsible for their own bike helmets.

New York City Bike Share

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