Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pictures of Saving Diversity

Svalbard Global Seed Vault
Artist Dornith Doherty has some great photographs of seed vaults she has been taking since 2008.  The photos are both beautiful and haunting.

Nordic Genetic Resource Center Seed Vials
The purpose of these seedbanks is to reserve seeds in case of their destruction or extinction elsewhere in the world.  They have been very important in protecting nature's biodiversity in a world of monoculturism.

Mountain Laural Seeds
Check out the photographs here at Doherty's site.  And read more about different vaults like Svalbard Global Seed Vault and Nikolai Vavilov, a Russian geneticist, botanist and forward thinking man.  The seedbank he created, now known as Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry, survived the 28-month siege of Leningrad because of several selfless botanists that were willing to sacrifice their lives to protect the collection.

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