Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beekeeping in the City

Interested in beekeeping in the city?  There are lots of great resources for learning about keeping bees here in New York.  Check out New York City Beekeepers Association or NYBee for information.  There are also meetups like New York City Beekeeping.  Raising bees in New York is great for more than just having access to your very own supply of honey.  You can help fight back against the bee die-off.  Also, if you do have allergies, eating honey from bees that have collected pollen from allergy causing plants can do a lot to keep the allergies away.

If keeping bees is too much for you, you can plant a bee habitat.  There are lots of great flowers that are attractive to both butterflies and bees.  Email us your address at bklynbrokenwindow@gmail.com, put the word 'seeds' in the subject, and we'll ship you some seeds free of charge.  The only string is that you have to grow them yourself.

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