Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our First Day

At Broken Windows we look at going green as a quality of life issue with simple solutions.

We are looking for both volunteers and ideas to make our community a better place.  Right now, we are seeking volunteers for the Brooklyn Park Glass Project.  It is a small project so far that starts with the clean up of Fort Greene Park.  We will be getting together a couple of Sundays this May to collect broken glass all over Fort Greene Park.  The collected glass will then be sent to a recycling center located in Bridgeport, New Jersey (any volunteers with cars will be greatly appreciated).  Another idea we have is to work with local artisans to make something beautiful with this glass (please contact us if you are interested in any glass collected).

Also, we have a seed giveaway going on.  Just email your name and address to and you will be sent a small bag of flower seeds along with planting instructions and information free of charge.  The seeds are from John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds Bumblebee Habitat Collection.  We'll be getting more varieties of seeds in the future such as Butterfly and Songbird Habitat seeds and hopefully vegetable and fruit seeds very soon.

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